The Institute has the underlisted Institutional Project Arms. Some of them include,

African Research Council on Sustainable Development (ARCSD), with project offices in University of Ibadan, Nigeria, University of Ghana Business School and Kenyatta University, Nairobi. Institutional research projects are initiated and coordinated by ARCSD. Presently the Council is chaired by,
Dr (Engr.) Chuks J. Diji
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
University of Ibadan, Ibadan -Nigeria


The Centre for Renewable Energy Research and Development Strategies (CRERDS)
The Centre for Renewable Energy Research and Development Strategies (CRERDS) is a subsidiary of the African Research Council on Sustainable Development. CRERDS provides functional development and training in Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energy Technologies for sustainable development. CRERDS projects are currently coordinated by,
Engr. R.A. Abarshi FNSE.
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
College of Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria 


International School of Advanced Research Study (ISARS)
The School of Advanced Research Study (SARS) is the training and capacity building directorate of the Institute. SARS is an affiliate of the University of Illinois, Chicago and University of Liverpool, London. It partners with institutions to train and certify researchers on various themes in Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques. The learning outcome is improved professional skills in research, teaching and quality publications. 


First Assured International School of Business (FAISB)
In affiliation with International Business Schools in United Kingdom and Asia, FAISB provide students with basic and advanced business management concepts and entrepreneurships principles required for a successful career in management or ownership of a small-to medium and large-sized business. The school offers certificate, Advanced Diploma, Executive and Professional Studies. The programmes are flexible (CAMPUS AND ONLINE COURSES) and adaptable to your schedule.


International Journals of Advanced Scientific Research (Online Journals)
International Journals of Advanced Scientific Research (IJASR) Online Journals provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public support, greater global exchange of knowledge and further establish interactions with beneficiaries of findings to enhance research relevance and adoption. Journals are publish in collaboration with leading International Universities, Research Institutions and Libraries.


International Standard Research Publishing (ISRP) & International Scientific Research Consortium (ISRC).
institutional research publications; Journals, Books and Reports are published by ISRP & ISRC. Both are affiliates of international research publishing houses, organizations and international University Libraries, especially Coventry University, United Kingdom. The Institute Secretariat in Cross River State, Nigeria coordinates the publishing consortiums.  


Institutional Collaborations  
The Institute partners with international research institutions  and universities among which include University of Ghana- Accra, University of Education- Winneba, Kenyatta University – Nairobi, Coventry University- United Kingdom, Weber State University- United States, University of California- Los Angeles, University of New South Wales- Sydney, Concordia University- Canada, University of Southern Australia, Universiti Teknology - Malaysia.



To be the world’s leading research & publishing Institute on policy review and development strategies .



Through independent, collaborative and institutional research, review existing development policies especially in developing economies of the world, research into evidence-based strategies to advance new measures for achieving sustainable development.