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TITLE: An Investigation into the Teaching of Physics in some Selected Senior Secondary Schools in Yewa South and Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria
1Ogundipe, Samuel Oluwole & 2Umar Nafisat Omobukola 
1&2Department of Physics, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, Nigeria

TITLE: Analysis of Nigerian Electric Power System Frequency using FDR Measurements
1Musa Mohammed & 2Lawal M. Isah
1&2Department of Electrical Engineering Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Kaura-Namoda - Nigeria


TITLE: Utilization of Agro Waste (Rice Husk) for Sustainable Engineering Material in Nigeria
1Hammajam, A. A, 2Gujja, A, 3Ngawaitu, M. B & 4Usman, I,
1&2Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Federal Polytechnic Damaturu-Yobe State
3&4Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria


TITLE: ICT Usage: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
1,2&3Taiwo Abatan, 2Yemi Olateju, 3Toyin Kinoshi, 4Seyi Abatan
1Department of Computer Engineering, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta
4Department of Architecture, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta


TITLE: Techno-Economic Viability Analysis of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Katsira Village
1S. M. Lawal, 2Y. M. Abdullahi, & 3A. S. Mindaudu
1Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna
2,&3Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic of Sokoto State


TITLE: Participation of Indigenous Construction Companies in Corporate Social Responsibilities for Economic Development
1Rebecca Kingsley Madaki, 2Babatunde Salawu & 3Anas Muhammad
1&3Department of Quantity Surveying, Kaduna Polytechnic
2Department of Estate Management, Kaduna Polytechnic


TITLE: Tourism Planning, Development and Promotion: the Osun/Osogbo Experience
1Sati J. Shwarka & 2Lebana M. Daspan
1Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Studies, Kaduna Polytechnic
2Department of Urban and Regional Planning College of Environmental Studies, Kaduna Polytechnic


TITLE: Industrial Development Potentials and Mineral Resources Sector Generation in Nigeria
1Darma, M. R., 2Kankara, I. A & 3Kaita, R. A
1Pleasant Engineering and Technical Services Katsina
2Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Federal University Dutsin-Ma
3Department of General Studies, Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic


TITLE: Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Two Different Varieties of Nerica in Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria
1D. A. Aremu, 2A. A. Sajo & 3J. B. Abakura
1Department of Agric. Tech., Federal Polytechnic, Mubi
2&3Department of Crop Production and Horticulture, MAUTECH, Yola


TITLE: A Study of Thermal Comfort and Ventilation Parameters in Air-Conditioned Architectural Studios in a Hot Humid Abia State University, Uturu Environment
1Alozie G. C, 2Ifebi O.C & 3Eze M. U.
1Department of Architecture, Abia State University Uturu
2Department of Architecture, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University, Uli
3Department of Estate Management, Abia State University Uturu