International Journal of Advanced Research in Accounting, Economics and Business Perspectives: Volume 7, Number 1

Date Published February 6, 2023

Editorial Objectives

Advanced researches, reviews and reports in the field of Accounting, Statistics, Marketing, Economics and Business are published bi-annually in the International Journal of Advanced Research in Accounting, Economics and Business Perspectives. The Journal accepts both empirical and theoretical research.

Journal Articles

Impact of Government Expenditures on Industrial Output in Nigeria

1Joshua-Gyang, Emily, 2Ogwuche, D. David, & 3Aiyedogbon, O. John
1,2&3Department of Economics, Bingham University Karu, Nasarawa State

How Businesses Can Lead the Way to Net Zero

Jane Marsh
Editor-in-Chief,, Canada

Globalisation, National Development, Challenges and Way Forward: The Nigerian Perspective

1Adamu Ndanusa, 2Jiya Baba Kolo & 3Mnena Evelyn Ade
1&3Department of Economics, Federal University, Lafia- Nigeria
2Department of Economics, College of Education Minna- Nigeria

An Econometric Simulation of Human Capital Development and Activity Sector Productivity in Nigeria

Onyinye, O. Mgbemena
Department of Economics, Michael Okpara University, Umudike Umuahia

How Will the Downgrade of COVID-19 to A Class B Infection Affect Companies' Employee Management?

1Fuki Fu & 2Victoria Li
1Manager of Human Resources and Payroll Services, Dezan Shira & Associates' Shanghai, China
2Vice President, Credit Suisee, China

Ethical Practice and Organizational Performance of Selected Beverage Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

1Ademola Joshua Adeniran & 2Olalekan Owotutu Sabitu
1&2Department of Business Administration, Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa

Effect of Creative Accounting Practices on Credit Risk Management of Selected Deposit Money Banks Quoted in Nigeria

1Nwobodo, Helen, 2Dada, Samuel Olajide & 3Ajibade, Ayodeji Temitope
1,2&3Department of Accounting, Babcock University, Ilishan, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria

COVID-19 Pandemic and Nigeria's Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Pre and Post 2020

1Anyadike, Kennedy & 2Mgbomene, Chukunalu
1Department of Business Administration, Imo State Polytechnic, Omuma
2Department of Economics, Imo State University, Owerri Nigeria

Equity Financing and Sustainable Growth of SMEs In F.C.T., Abuja

Ndulue Ifeyinwa Theresa
Department of Business Administration University of Abuja, Nigeria

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