The Institute Conferences provide an opportunity for scholars to share knowledge and strategies for advancing the course of development especially in developing economies of the world. Using a multi-dimensional approach, the conferences feature contemporary thematic issues bothering on development strategies and sustainability. In doing this, IIPRDS adopts a flexible approach to improve technical skills of local researchers, allow for regional determination of research priorities, strengthen national and international institutions concerned with economic policy research, and facilitate closer ties between researchers, institutions and agencies who work within the purview of its research focus as well as policy makers. IIPRDS works with researchers as they confront the challenges of the 21st century within their own countries and contribute to global advances in their disciplines. In doing so, IIPRDS supports networking and knowledge sharing between scientific, academic, and development communities among developed and developing countries.


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To be the world’s leading research & publishing Institute on policy review and development strategies .



Through independent, collaborative and institutional research, review existing development policies especially in developing economies of the world, research into evidence-based strategies to advance new measures for achieving sustainable development.