International Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences, Environmental Studies and Technology: Volume 6, Number 1

Editorial Objectives

The International Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences, Environmental Studies & Technology (IJARSSEST), examines research articles in Social sciences, Environmental Studies and Technology. Articles examine contemporary issues that strengthen the framework for sustainable development. Papers are reviewed through a double-blind peer review process to ensure originality, relevance and quality.

Journal Articles

Hotel Star Rating Attributes and Customers' Satisfaction: Evidence from Upmarket Hotels in Abuja Territory, Nigeria

1Adedipe A., 2Miricho, M., & 3Maranga, V.
1Department of Hospitality and Tourism, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria
2&3Department of Hospitality, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya

Gender and the Imperative of Women Participation in Governance: Prospects and Challenges

Mary Omble Wuya
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences University of Jos, Nigeria

Causes and Consequences of Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria

Johnson, Alalibo Sinikiem
Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences Niger Delta University Amassoma, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

The Interplay of Governance and Human Security Challenges: The Case of the Nigeria's Fourth Republic

1Offiong Duke, 2Sunday Ebaye & 3Okon Bassey Bassey
1Department of Public Administration, University of Calabar
2Peace and Conflict Studies Unit, Centre for General Studies, Cross River State University of Technology, Calabar.
3Department of Political Science, University of Calabar

Nigerian Foreign Policy: Significance for the Development of the West African Sub-Region

Okwara, Emmanuel Chukwuma
Department of Political Science & Diplomacy, Veritas University, Abuja

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Government Policy: The Catalysts for SME Performance in Nigeria

1Zubair, Abdul K. I.& 2Olaolu, Emmanuel Oladele
1&2Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria

Assessment of Insurgency and the State of the Insecurity Strategies in Combatting Security Forces Against Criminal Behaviour in Nigeria

Daniel Leku Ishaya
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Nasarawa State University, Keffi

Self-Organized Initiatives in Upgrading Infrastructure and Services in Ishong Agwom and Rwangjeh Communities, Jos North and South L.G.A. Plateau State, Nigeria

1Anthony Sambo Mailumo, 2Kassam Istifanus George & 3Moris Dabuahat Wetnwan
1,2&3Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi

Rural-Urban Migration Pattern in a Developing Nation of Nigeria: The Pros and Cons (Case Study of Plateau State)

1Joshua Yohanna Gwanshak, 2Mariney Binti Mohd Yusoff & 3Aziz Shafie
1Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Plateau State University Bokkos, Plateau State, Nigeria
2&3Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Social Media and Insecurity Issues in Nigeria: A Post COVID-19 Discourse

1Ojobah Christian, 2Frank Ifeanyichukwu Amiriheobu, 3Agim, Christy Chinwe & 4George Owunari
1Department of Educational Foundation, School of Education,
2Department of Theatre Arts Education, School of Arts and Social Sciences,
4Department of Music Education, School of Arts and Social Sciences Federal College of Education (Technical) P.M.B 11 Omoku, Onelga, Rivers State, Nigeria
3Department of Mass Communication, School of Humanities and Social Studies, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State, Nigeria.

The Ease-of-Doing-Business and its Significance for the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria: A Focus on the Aba Shoe – Maker in Abia State of Nigeria

Oriaku, Christian C.
Department of Business Administration, Veritas University, Abuja

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